I succeeded in my first attempt.

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He made sure nobody could see him.

I am subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

It didn't happen that way.


Nobody here does that.


You're positive.

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If it rains the day after tomorrow, I'll stay at home.


Kinch has handled it very well.

This outfit was typical of a colonist at that time.

Irving hasn't decided what to do.


Yes, today is Friday.

It's public knowledge.

Kemal is learning how to drive a car.


Chet worked as a physical therapist.


The church stands on the hill.


There is a spoon here.

Perhaps we overlooked something.

He is working hard to pass the examination.


The mercury plunged to minus 7 overnight.


He managed to get off the difficulty.


This has to be a mistake.

How is it possible that no one saw Sundaresan escaping from the prison cell?

Don't depend on Marlena too much.

Is there much sugar in the jar?

Make it a normal packed lunch, OK?

You're not going to get away with it.

I never saw that coming.

Dan discussed with his friends how to have his articles published.

Have you called a doctor?

They all started laughing at Stewart.

Teri said Kristen was too fat.


I forgot to close the door.

I can't find a job.

I wonder what Sharon was thinking.


Ginny climbed down from the roof.


Eggs are getting more expensive.

How did you find her?

Everyone else waited.

Pam got furious.

That's definitely the goal.


All we want to do is eat.

You're usually so optimistic.

My father likes tennis.

I am afraid that he might get hurt.

They don't like cats.

I didn't really notice.

Almost all of the passenger in the bus were asleep when the accident happened.

He likes to play hardball with people.

This better not happen again.

I saved you a seat.

Pratt is clearly troubled by something.

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Will you all be here tomorrow?

Do you want a beer?

It really isn't hard to guess the answer.

Thanks. Maybe we'll come back.

You just said it was up to me.

He tried again, but in vain.

Use your power.

I've been attacked.

She could face a ten-year prison term.

What was it for?

If walls could talk, what stories would they tell us?

We'd like to talk to her.

He is truly sick.


Would that really be so bad?

I heard you got a job.

Carl is running late.

The shocks of several explosions were felt for miles.

They're about to go.

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He doesn't know what the difference is between lions and leopards.


That doesn't concern me.

What's Earth's color?

You're a winner.

Ten years ago his theory would not have been generally accepted.

The weather is uncertain at this time of year.


I've already answered that question.

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I heard this from a safe source.


Do you want to tell Jagath or should I?

Fletcher looked at the menu.

Would anyone like some wine?


We continued chatting.

The man lost his way in the woods.

I would do it again if I had to.

How does a calculator do math?

You're too aggressive.

Mom made lunch for us.

I can't be in the same room as Sehyo without getting into a fight.

That has us concerned.

I know all about marriage.


Jacques started to practice every day.

Never have I been so happy.

My name is Francesca.


Did you get an answer from him?

The phone was off the hook.

This young teacher is loved by all of the students.

Italy, Romania, Portugal, and Greece joined the Allies.

The game will be held rain or shine.


There's something I need to tell you, too.

You are not good for my health!

They love Hokkaido.

All the people present were moved by his speech.

Gravity binds the planets to the sun.

It's the last one.

It's a very dangerous system.

Has Stacy been crying?

Russian children think those fairytales having frogs remove their hides are so cute. Meanwhile, I'm over here puking my lungs out.

He befriended a thief called Calvin.

She did so out of curiosity.


The leaders of seven industrial democracies will meet in Okinawa in 2000.

This is a fun date.

I'll shut up now.

Gaziantep was freed from the French occupation in 1921.

Don't scream in my ear!

He has the Joker.

He is an utter stranger to me.

I had to tell the truth.

Her pregnancy was fraught with complications.

Have you ever listened to such a good music?

I told her not to come today.


The primary object of an efficient police is the prevention of crime: the next that of detection and punishment of offenders if crime is committed. To these ends all the efforts of police must be directed. The protection of life and property, the preservation of public tranquillity, and the absence of crime, will alone prove whether those efforts have been successful and whether the objects for which the police were appointed have been attained.

The gang is in Gale's basement playing cards.

Trying closed the door of his bedroom.

He nodded to me as he passed.

Since when are you wearing contacts?

Our plane was flying over the Pacific Ocean.

I guess I'm a little scared.

I'll get her to come here.

Knut looks unfriendly, but she is really very kind at heart.

There are bright prospects of success.

What age was she when she got married?


Can you ever forgive me?

They're reading a book.

He was on parole then.


This Rembrandt painting is a work of art.

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I've cut my finger.

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I got another job.

Now you've gone and ruined everything.

I'm on cloud nine.

I am still trying to find out what I want to do.

Glenn introduced himself to everyone in the room.

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You may die.


I need some mental stimulation.

If Brett is going to zoo with you, I'll go, too.

I like Alex Marcelo.

He is a stranger to fear.

Randolph was unable to control himself any longer.

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We have all the time in the world.

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Why don't you go fishing with us this weekend if you aren't busy?

The cause of his toothache was overeating of sweets.

They are putting on their gloves.

You don't need to say it in such derogatory terms.

How do you think I learned to speak French?

His plan sounds impracticable.

Edward is part of the problem.

You've done your job.

She explained her ideas with images.

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Ravindranath says he's willing to take the risk.


If I had enough money, I could buy it.

He's not shy about putting himself front and centre.

She's now a figure of the past.